Roy Rogers (was: Coco Montoya, Suspicion)

Beth Thompson
Sun Apr 2 10:19:03 EDT 2000

I didn't know earthworms had a soul or went in heat, damn, ya learn sooo much
on this list!

Coco and Roy RULED the Tampa Bay Bluesfest.


In a message dated 4/2/00 1:13:11 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

> Roy Rogers and Montoya both suck, both reflect the
>  sanitizing of the blues in the hands of whites. neither has
>  a voice, neither has the soul of an earthworm in heat.
>  montoya's voice is nasal, sounds like he has sinusitis;
>  roger's voice is that of a whiny little runt. both rely on
>  mechanical finger masturbation on guitar. both are copy
>  cats, totally unoriginal. montoya is a fifth rate albert
>  collins. every time i hear either of them on the radio, i
>  bemoan how far down the blues has sunk. and it keeps on
>  sinking.


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