LA Jones, was Poppa Chubby--SRV fans, listen up- YOU GOTTA HEAR POPPA

IronMan Mike Curtis
Sat Apr 1 23:12:30 EST 2000

> From: voodoochile@WEBTV.NET <voodoochile@WEBTV.NET>

>  I`ll also pass along
> that some of the people I have talked to say that LA Jones is not a very
> nice person to work with

I know just about everyone who is anyone in the Southern California
blues scene - Rod Piazza, James Harman, Rick Holmstrom, Earl Palmer,
Bernie Pearl, John Lee Hooker, Big Jay McNeely, Red Archibald,
Charlie Musselwhite, Johnny Dyer, Barry Levenson, Eric Sardinas, Joe
Houston, Dave Melton, Rick Reed, Alex Schultz, Walter Trout, Mike
Hightower, and about a billion others.  LA Jones has a stellar
reputation among the blues pro's in Southern California.

I've worked with LA Jones.  He's surprisingly easy to work with,
thoroughly professional, knows exactly what he's doing, and has about
as much "attitude" as Mohandas Gandhi.  He is in fact VERY nice to
work with.

OK, LA - you owe me one (You know of course that we all hate each
others guts, and all compliments are rewarded by free beer - even
though we get free beer from the bar :-)

C-ya Sunday.

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