Food for thought

Michael Hardie
Fri May 21 11:22:11 EDT 1999

In a message dated 5/21/99 10:06:33 AM Central Daylight Time,

<< I guess my point is there are certian things that some races appear to do
 better and may even come close to being a natural talent for them.  >>

    I would suggest that different cultures value different things.  There is
no question that as culture or sub-culture of America,  Black Americans value
dance highly and therefore excel as a culture in this area.  I am not sure
you can attribute this to "natural talent" necessarily.  If so,  then many
people in this sub-culture seem to have missed out on the natural talent
part.  Just go to a place where people or dancing and you will see many
people without any real sense of rhythm or discernable talent dancing have fun.

Michael Hardie

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