Youguns and such

Tue May 18 04:46:39 EDT 1999

No PW, Bonnie isn't racist. As far as I can see she's simply making the
transparently obvious point that a particular culture is generally more
likely to be characterised within a particular ethnic group. It's no more
than a phenomenon that we are all familiar with and can recognise -
consciously or unconsciously and whether we like it or not. And if
Bonnie, or any one of us, finds that our musical tastes lie mainly in that
one area, who can call it racism?

There is a wealth of difference between the cultural expression of those
who migrated east to the UK and those who went to the USA. Brit.
zellers will confirm that Afro-Caribbeans (we are too tight..errrm..-
lipped;) to have got around to saying African-British here) blues singers
are even rarer here than Hispanic quarter-backs are in the States.
Nevertheless, there is still such a thing as the *black* music scene - even
though it's evolved differently from its US counterpart through picking up
on different national and cultural influences. In fact, a similar thing
happened here among our Asian community - which will be bigger in the
UK than anywhere else, for obvious historical reasons - where a unique
cross-cultural music with equal measures of  eastern/western influences
has evolved. Is that a racial thing too? Who knows? Who cares?.... it's just
something that *is*.


>At 05:25 PM 5/14/99 -0500, bonnie kalmbach wrote...
>>You don't get it Paul, or if I were in a less crabby/fed up  mode,
>>I would say, perhaps I didn't express myself well, but I think I did.
>>I said African-Americans are a culture, as much as Mexican-, Italo-,
>>Native-Americans, etc. They became so virtue of their color.
>>There is no such thing as race.
>>Most black (shorthand for African-American, Excu-use me!)performers
>>have a special sound. Check out a black radio station. Listen to WDIA.
>>It has it's own flavor - a flavor I've always  liked. I hear it in the
>>music, in
>>the announcers, and in the people who call in.
>I do get it, Bonnie.  You like 'em to sound black.  You don't like 'em to
>You say there is no such thing as race... what's a "13 year old white
>(Your words)
>What "culture" is "white"?  Italian-American?  Spanish-American?
>Hebrew-American?  Boston-Professional?  Newark Welfare Mom?  Tennessee
>Construction worker?  Catholic?  Hindu?  Baptist?
>You lump 'em all together by color and then claim you are talking about
>culture.  That's not culture.  That's racism plain and simple.
>That's just MY opinion.
>P.W. Fenton
>Tampa, Florida

>>I'm a racist? how can I be when I don't believe in the concept of race?
>Hey you guys, leave Bonnie alone before I throw a bucket of hot water on
> Ya' know I leave the room for a little bit and all hell breaks loose.
>"life's too short to live the blues"

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