NBC Re: Blues and Race Relations

Ocky Milkman borrisbatanov@YAHOO.COM
Tue May 11 12:57:39 EDT 1999

--- "R. Gonzalez" <rgonzale@SOLEIL.ACOMP.USF.EDU> wrote:
> > According to anthropologist we can all be traced
> genetically to one woman in
> > Africa about 80 thousand years ago...they call her
> EVE...
> I'm sure she didn't come home until morning,when...
> her hair was all a mess.
> Her hips they was a shakin'
> I bet she even had on
> a different dress...
> Adam was probably the first guy to get the blues.

and who the hell was eve out with, nitwit, an ape? adam was
the only other human being.

try to keep in mind that very few, if any, humans consort
sexually with animals, except the Gonzalez family, of
course, which accounts for your lineage.

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