Chicago Blues Fest

Karen Hanson
Mon May 10 23:15:32 EDT 1999

In a message dated 5/10/99 2:06:28 PM, you wrote:

>Since Chicago is mostly a grid city, it is kind of easy to get around by bus
>(train is another story) ...

Actually, the train makes a lot more sense. They're arranged according to 
what street you want to go to. The bus numbers bear no relationship at all to 
where they are going.

>The offer still existed Feb.99 ...
>Parking aruond downtown Chicago / River North enterainement district (and I
>guess Grant Park) is out of this world (10/20 $/hour with a 60 - 80 $ max)
>... do read the fine print ...  I don’t know how much the meters go for
>(they are coveted free spots aftr biz hours).

Here's a hint: If you keep toward the south end of Grant Park and go west 
toward Wabash, State and Dearborn Sts., there are many open lots where you 
can pay $6 or $7 a day (although I think they raise their rates to $10 during 
special events). 

HOWEVER--these lots do fill up fast, so get there EARLY! I mean by 9 a.m. 
Plan on having breakfast--there are a couple of great diners on Jackson 
St.--and enjoy the whole day. Get your exercise walking, too.

Another HOWEVER--the Printer's Row Bookfair will be held the same weekend and 
 will be held in the same location where I told you to park. (Plus Dearborn 
Street will be blocked off for, I don't know, three or four blocks). If you 
plan to park, get there REALLY early.

I might end up taking Metra myself.... 


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