NBC- re:the "undeer"belly of Littleton

Shannon O'Connor Shannon.OConnor@SWEP.COM
Tue May 4 18:57:16 EDT 1999

>>Gee, then I guess the millions and millions of words spoken
>>and printed about the massacre in the press, the miles and
>>miles of video tape and film devoted to the massacre, are
>>just so much noise signifying nothing? (my point entirely)

Wow, I'm disappointed that you were marginally bright enough to catch my
drift on that one.  Gotta try harder next time.

>>ps. the notion that one has to have first hand experience
>>of something in order to be able to speak intelligently or
>>forcefully about it is nonesense, a mere form of disguised
>>censorship. and if it were true, how in the world have all
>>those people for centuries gotten away with talking about
>>god and death?

Not censorship, just truth.  And implying, are you, that people don't have
first-hand experience of God and death?  Hello?  What planet do you live
on?  Oh.  Speaking strictly for yourself.  And yours is a small, small
life.  OK, I got it.

>>pps. it's those with anglican names on this list who are
>>the most strident conservatives. a racial coincidence? i
>>think not.

Anglican names?  Surely you weren't referring to me?  My name is not
remotely Anglican.  It predates that categorization and has its origins in
another place.  But I wouldn't expect someone like you to know that.  And
anyone who knows me -- which you do not, although you take pride in making
wildly inaccurate assumptions and defending them with unintentionally
humorous attempts at snide insults -- would tell you that I am not
conservative, strident or otherwise.

Wrong on every count and still thinking yourself right.  Must be a fun way
to live.


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