If you've drifted from the essence of the blues....

Brian Calway HASHBB@aol.com
Sun Jun 27 18:43:38 EDT 1999

In a message dated 6/27/99 4:26:19 PM, borrisbatanov@yahoo.com writes:

<<i disagree; don't get this unless you have all his better
work. heard several cuts from this on the radio. it is not
muddy anywhere near his best; instead, it's muddy right
after a near fatal car wreck, faltering, slow, finding his
way again. i also saw him around this time (1/72) and the
live performance confirmed the above: he sat the whole

compare to his performances from the 50's and early 60's,
even to those made in the mid-70's w/ winter: all have a
robust clarity and depth, fire and ice, missing from his
early 70's work, a time when muddy was getting back on his
feet, literally.

I do agree with OM that these recordings are inferior to his 50's-60's work,
but I don't agree that they are worse than his late 70's w/winter
recordings. I guess I just prefer this band lineup to the winter stuff,
although there is fire and ice, they seem a little bit rocked up to me. I saw
Muddy for the the first time in 71-72(w/Hollywood fats on guitar), and he sat
almost the whole time but really gave it up.

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