white blues singers:was:Re: Luther Kent Last Night

Ron Weinstock RBLUESW@aol.com
Sat Jun 26 14:02:24 EDT 1999

In a message dated 6/26/99 1:44:06 PM, BluesALife@AOL.COM writes:

<<    Let me go on record on two counts.  One,  as much as I love Muddy, et.
, not one of them was AS GOOD a vocalist as Elvis Presley. Not ONE.
   Second, I am not one to blow my own horn.  And I am not as good as Muddy
or Sonny Boy as far as I can tell.  But can I "come close" ?  You bet your
damn ass I can. >>

seems that you already stiuck it to yourself where the sun don't shine

yeah. Sure  elvis is a better singer than bb king, bobby bland, joe turner,
chuck willis, junior parker, jackie wilson, roy brown, johnny adams, rice
miller, sam cooke and of course muddy. And Johnny lang is a better singer
than elvis too. Right?

on your second point, i have no idea how close like Muddy you can sound, but
I have not heard many of any shade of humanity that do.


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