GEAR:Re: Epiphone Hollowbody's

Brian Calway
Fri Jun 25 16:42:40 EDT 1999

In a message dated 6/25/99 2:08:43 AM, writes:

<<better yet, scour the pawn shops and want ads. if you up
your price a bit, to $1500-2000, you might luck out with a
vintage hollow body with a carved top. any hollow body with
a carved, hand-tuned top belongs in a much higher class
than one with a pressed (or dampened top), and because it
is more prized, expect to pay more. this kind of guitar
preserves the acoustic harmonics of string tone, which
means it is an order of magnitude more musical.
There is a big difference between $400-500 and $1500-2000, especially to a
working blues musician, the pay just doesn't make it.
In Texas it is a certainty(but not impossible) that you will not find a fine
carved top jazz box of the type you describe in a pawn shop. Most times in a
pawn shop guitars are over priced if they have any known name on them, or if
they appear to have some age to them. I doubt very much that most blues
artists, even the ones you revere, used carved top guitars, but of course the
point is mute because they did most all their playing in bars and juke
joints. Also the Epiphones that are being talked about are most likely the
new Korean made ones( I'm sure you are aware of that), the Gibson made
ones(60,s) are fine guitars and are just as good as their Gibson

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