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Fri Jun 25 13:51:20 EDT 1999

Hey Chuck,

Did you submit your request to the proper place per the listmoms
instructions? This is what they asked of us:

We will not act on requests to the list that someone be "kicked off" or
otherwise dealt with; we will review and, where appropriate, respond to
complaints about abuse sent to the listowners at



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> From: chuck n. [SMTP:cnevitt@HOTMAIL.COM]
> Sent: Friday, June 25, 1999 12:29 PM
> To:   Multiple recipients of list BLUES-L
> Are the personal attacks going to continue to be allowed?
> Ocky writes:
> >as for the rest of the cn post, it is just spuming, >emotional outburst,
> >the usual.
> This PERSONAL ATTACK was sent to the list WITHOUT me doing any provoking
> whatsoever! Is this kinda crap going to be allowed? Isn't this the VERY
> THING that the new rules are supposed to circumvent...or at least stop?
> What happens now? Do y'all warn him not to do it again? How many times
> must
> I AND THE REST of Blues-l put up with his crap before you take action? I
> could always stoop to his level of unprovoked PERSONAL ATTACKS...but
> I'd really rather not, since I know the rest of you are as tired of going
> thru this crap as I am responding to it. Please take some sort of action,
> so
> I won't have to.
> Here is a GOOD IDEA...why not only let people subscribe who are willing to
> give you (the list moms) a verifiable true I think the only
> people who would have trouble with that is someone who wants to cause
> trouble under the veil of anonimity. How 'bout it, could it hurt?
> chuck
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