REVIEW - Live - Bo Diddley!

Sat Jun 19 14:34:23 EDT 1999

"hey... what are you doing here?"

I was standing to the side of the stage watching Johnny Knox after the
triumphant set by the Breeze Kings at the Tabernacle, Atlanta.....

.....well, well, well - I'll be d*mned - you'd never know who'd turn
up when one of the true legends is in town.

He's carrying a guitar gig bag - so I quicky surmize that he must be
playing with the main act -

Bo Diddley!!

"I live here".

Of whom am I speaking? - well not many people recognized him - most of
you won't even know (or care?) but it was my friend from the NorthEast
- Jon Paris, yes, an underappreciated legend in his own right - look
him up - he only played with the likes of Johnny Winter.........

Bo Diddley @ the Tabernacle, Atlanta - Fri.99.06.18

OK Bo is 70 years old - of course we'll give him his due respect - so
was he a has-been an old fart - who merely comes on stage to adulation
and let's the band carry all the old hits -


You don't know Bo.

Did he f*ck as heck -

Of course he is no spring chicken - but he is far, far from past it -
and this time he is playing with a regular band - every weekend in a
different town - and to have people like Jon Paris in the band - shows
he means serious business -

and he gave us the works.

Opening was by Jon Paris - then Bo came on to "Bo Diddley" (what the
f*ck did you expect) - but what a hot version - nope, it is Jon who's
playing all the lead - ah-ha! a hint....... no f-ing way! Bo never
used to play lead it's his RHYTHM playing that conquered the
world..... tonight he came, he saw and he....... you know the word.

The followed a number of tunes that were not just his "greatest hits"
- all had this great rhythm - not just the "cut and shave" Bo Diddley
rhythm - but nothing radical either.

"I'm a Man" which was originally penned by Elias McDaniels (aka Bo
Diddley) - but adapted by Muddy to the slow ginding groove and Mud
claimed authorship to his version - Bo?  he did Mud's version tonight
- but I still think he wrote it - and the book......

Bo even unstrapped his rectangular guitar to go play drums with
"Yoshi" (who apparently played with people like Kitaro)

Jon Paris was on form too he snuk in a quote from the Shadows' "Dance
On" (or was it Wonderful Land?) and later, on another tune he played
the riff to "Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)" -  when he saw that some
people recognized it.he played it a few more times........

Bo stayed on stage for over 1-1/2 hours.

All I can say it was enormously enjoyable.

A true legend and on form (and nothing near a has-been) -

what more can I ask for?

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