NBC: Voice - Instrument or Not?

Mike Curtis ironman@MOONLINK.NET
Tue Jun 15 18:53:59 EDT 1999

On 15 Jun 99, at 21:36, BigBluzDog wrote:

> Ironman can argue all he wants that voice is or is not an instrument.
> And, he can quote, or misquote, whatever source he chooses.

Please show me where I've misquoted.  You cannot.

>    And, as I stated earlier, even St. Francis
> asked for the Almighty to make him an... "instrument of thy peace."

This still doesn't disprove what the Harvard Dictionary so clearly
and unambiguously states in a most matter of fact manner.  BTW the
Harvard dictionary is based on many older (musical) works and was
compiled by Don Michael Randel, a music professor at Cornell

> Can't argue with God.

This is specious reasoning.  Not all religions accept St. Francis as
speaking for God :-)  Nor does this quote imply that even Francis
claimed to be speaking FOR God.  So should we choose to dispute this
statement (which I am not), it still would only be disputing the word
of St Francis (as it were, arguing with Francis), and not of God.

> Can't argue with science (at least not about this.)

But this is not about science.  So far, it has been about a lot of
personal opinions, shooting from the hip, and purely emotional
reactions, and the only "science" has been two quotes from a couple
of dictionaries.  So far, it's almost been more of a "religious"
argument (i.e. "I can't believe ....", etc.), except that no one is
thumping on a (closed) Bible for effect.

Science requires some sort of "proof".  Not just personal opinions,
but (in this case - the meaning of an English word) DOCUMENTED
references from ACCEPTED authorities.  None of us are acceptable in
this role.

I've proven that one recognized authority defines "instrument" as
excluding the human voice.  Can anyone produce another document from
another RECOGNIZED and ACCEPTED authority showing differently?

So far, no.

THIS is science.  Not quoting a nonmusician who claims no specific
authority in the field of music.  And certainly not personal opinions
- everyone has 'em.

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