NBC: Is Racism Dead? Not IMHFO...

chuck n. cnevitt@HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Jun 15 07:32:47 EDT 1999

Reading the replies about racism and the Blues, one MIGHT get the idea that
we are discussing a problem
that occured in the past. It is a common known fact
that there are MANY country clubs who DO NOT allow BLACKS (or any other
minorities including Jewish people) to be members. IT IS also a common known
fact that police profile people driving down the roads, stopping
and harrasing an inordinate amount of minorities (on
the same roads their tax dollars help build & maintain). Then there is the
problem that once in the courtroom, the minorities ARE FAR MORE likely to
receive jail time while Buffy & Jody get a slap on the wrist. In Dallas,
there has just recently been a lawsuit filed against a nightclub that
refuses to let groups of Asians in (they say they are troublemakers).

So, no matter how many folks say 'was' or 'in the past'...the simple fact is
that things are still bad (no, not AS bad) for minorities and for poor
in general, as the quality of JUSTICE is usually only
as good as the JUSTICE you can afford. Same for health care. No matter who
says it just ain't so.


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