ADMIN: Thank you !!

Bill Salmon netfest@MYCROFT.MEXIA.COM
Sun Jun 13 21:12:56 EDT 1999

I would like to thank my fellow zellers for getting back on topic.. The
Blues.. Some VERY fine posts..

Yeah, some flack has popped up.. but as long as we civilly agree to
disagree, stating our points of reference/sources of theory.. COOL..  that
is what it is all about.. How did we get here, where are we going.. what is
it that is your favorite in the blues.. what have you done today or recently
in the blues.. what information do you have, that I have been seeking about
the blues..

Not "your mama dresses you funny".

With a VERY few exceptions.. when we stop the personal/ego/id posts, isn't
there REALLY some good information, some excellent sources of reference
here? An opportunity for us to network (how appropriate a word) with others
with our love of the blues? To learn, to promote to share?

Isn't that why you joined..


Bill Salmon

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