PLAYLIST: Tren 3 - Jun 10 to 12

Jorge Munoz
Fri Jun 11 15:48:25 EDT 1999

** TREN TRES ***************** JUN 10 ******************* Wednesday **
Get Smart/ BLUE LUNCH /"Eyes Wide Open" (Wilberts)
Rib Joint/ BLUE LUNCH /"Eyes Wide Open" (Wilberts)
Eyes Wide Open/ BLUE LUNCH /"Eyes Wide Open" (Wilberts)
Blues Party/ NITECRY /"Blues Party" (Peerless)
Undecided Blues/ GEORGETTE FRY /"Blues Party" (Peerless)
Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On/ MARVA WRIGHT /"Bluesiana Mama" (AiM)
Ursula's Blues/ URSULA REED /"The Uptown Sides vol.2" (Old Town/Ace)
Hey Hey Hey Hey/ JOHNNY OTIS /"Creepin' With The Cats" (Dig/Ace)
Dog Face Boy/ JOHNNY OTIS /"Creeping With The Cats" (Dig/Ace)
Louisiana Hop/ PETE GUITAR LEWIS /"Scratchin'" (Federal)
Strollin' With Nolen/ JIMMY NOLEN /"Scratchin'" (Federal)
** TREN TRES ****************** JUN 9 ********************* Wednesday **
Pressure Cooker/ CLARENCE GATEMOUTH BROWN /"BlackJack" (Sugar Hill)
Boogie Rambler/ PHILLIP WALKER /"Lone-Star Shootout" (Alligator)
Roll, Roll, Roll/ LONNIE BROOKS, L.J.HUNTER & P.WALKER /"Lone Star
Born In Louisiana/ ERVIN CHARLES /"Lone Star Shootout"
Little Red Rooster/ MARVA WRIGHT /"Bluesiana Mama" (AiM)
Louisiana Hop/ BLUE LUNCH /"Eyes Wide Open" (Wilberts)
All Mine, All Fine/ BLUE LUNCN /"Eyes Wide Open" (Wilberts)
Homesick For The Road/ DEBBIE DAVIES /"Homesick For The Road" (Telarc)
I Can Tell/ BIG JOE LOUIS & HIS BLUES KINGS /"Big Sixteen" (Ace)
Little Red Rooster/ TIGER CT JUKES /"White Line Fever" (Blue Mood)
Little Red Rooster/ SAVOY BROWN /"The Blues Keep Me Holding On" (Mystic)
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*          RADIO NACIONAL DE ESPANA - RADIO 3            *
*     [TREN TRES Tuesday thru Saturday at 01:00 am]      *
*                     *
*                 <>                 *
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*Blues in Spain *
*   "When the train it left the station,                 *
*                   there was two lights on behind..."   *

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