The Central Instrument in Muddy's Band

Scott Perry sp@MAIL.AWOD.COM
Fri Jun 11 10:52:10 EDT 1999

The Ironman wrote:

> Muddys band is an exception.  "Harmonica is the mother" of his band,
> in that the harp is the central instrument in that band, and the
> other instruments played "around" it.

With all due respect to Mike, I would have to argue that, with
notable exceptions such as "Evan's Shuffle," Muddy's voice was the
"central instrument in that [ Muddy's] band" and that "the other
instruments played around 'it.'"

Unless of course Michael or someone else wants to argue that the
human voice is not an "instrumen"' but rather a "toy," in which case
I give up!

BTW, want to publically thank the few people who responded to my
"Frankie and Johnny/Albert" post.  Private thank yous to follow.

Scott Perry

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