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Jim Wells jwells@IADFW.NET
Sun Jun 6 01:08:15 EDT 1999


  It would seem pretty evident that he's just a psycho as well as an

  Neither of those types are willing to, let alone capable of, listening to
criticism or anything that differs from their little world-view.

  More drivel spewing from his warped little mind... that's all...

  Hey Ed?  Criticism from the Alabama-idiot is a complement, actually...


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> At 04:38 PM 6/5/99 -0700, Sal Stevens wrote:
> >        Whoa!  The voodoochile's head is spinnin' and he's
> >back to spewing his mean spirited voodoobile -
> >everybody take cover!!!!
> Well Rick Edwerds, Ed Vadas is out doing his level best to make people
> happy and when his life is over he can look back and say that he did just
> that, he made people happy playing his blues in as heartfelt and genuine a
> way as he could.  Not a bad thing at all.
> Meanwhile you're out there, cutting everyone you can to pieces and messing
> with their livelihood and being just about the most miserable SOB I ever
> saw.  What are you going to be able to say at the end of your life?  I ate
> a peach for peace?  Why don't you eat that peach?  Eat the whole box, eat
> the crate and the whole truck full while you're at it.  Make a pie,
> dehydrate them for winter make peach sauce, whatever but PLEASE for your
> own good stop your sniping and hate before it bounces back on you hard.
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