playing with a buzz

Robert Brookins
Fri Jul 23 20:23:31 EDT 1999

I hate to sound like Otis the town drunk in an AA meeting, but I do play
better when I've been drinking.  I can play sober and often do, but by the
4th or 5th, I play better.  And this is not simply my opinion through a
DeadHead haze; I've had many others tell me that I do.  I think the issue
here is not "drink/not drink," but know your limits.  I would never treat a
gig like my little party on stage, because if you've ever been to karoake,
you'll know that nothing is worse than a drunk with a microphone.  I drink
when I play but with moderation.  If you can't drink 2 beers or smoke a
joint and play, then don't.  But I wouldn't say that abstinence is a
principle with this  --- & my 2 cents goes "ching,ching"


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