Sonny Boy is coming to SPAH Convention

William E. Donoghue
Sun Jul 18 20:46:10 EDT 1999

        If you are going to the SPAH convention Aug 18 - 22 in St. Louis next
month be sure to look for my one-hour workshop (the short-form version of
my two-hour Multi-media - show).

Searching for the real Sonny Boy Williamson II (Alex "Rice" Miller)
'fessor Mojo AKA Bill Donoghue

"I promised Sonny Boy I would not tell his secret until four people have
died." was the response of Sonny Payne's, host of King Biscuit Time. Bill
Donoghue took up the personal challenge to find out the real story of the
mysterious Sonny Boy Williamson and discovered what he feels is "the blues
story of the century". Hear his still evolving story, preview his coming
documentary with stories from Junior Wells, Charlie Musselwhite, and others
and see Sonny Boy himself in action.

        I am available for future Blues Festivals and all I need is a venue dark
enough for a projected video image to be clear and visible and a plug in to
an P. A. system. This is an ideal educational program early in the festival
to allow attendees to see the blues in its historical context, making the
entire program a much more powerful experience.

        'fessor Mojo AKA Bill Donoghue

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