NBC: Re: Blues coffee houses

chuck n. cnevitt@HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Jul 13 08:44:58 EDT 1999

>Some folks order water because it's cheap.


>Some folks order one beer and let it set on the table >until it starts
>fermenting again, too. Cheap is cheap.


>The way around it is to enforce a minimum, be it
>booze, expensive soda, $2 orange juice, or whatever.

Oh jeez..you mean someone might have to actually unass (a henry qualls term
i love) all of $2. Oh the agony. Let's see...yep, you're right...50 people
at $2 comes to $100.
They're rolling in the money now. But I agree with you, it
beats a blank. Now if we can teach those same tightwads to tip, we'll all
have it made.

>Not everyone who orders plain water is cheap.


>The IronMaiden orders water because it's usually the only
>thing she can drink.  She doesn't like booze, and can't
>have _any_ carbonation and juices due to an
>allergy/sensitivity.  Coffee late at night is a no-no.  Of
>course I'll usually make up for it myself, but that's not
>the point :-)

>BTW those syrupy sweet frozen fruit nonalcoholic drinks
>that were mentioned earlier are typically loaded with sugar
>(how'dya think they're so sweet ;-), and may have a
>thousand or more calories!

Not to mention ALL them carbs....yikes.

>If you're diabetic (typically on a 1500 calorie per day >diet), a couple of
>those will push you WAY over limit.  >You're better off with a lite beer or

And a pack of sugarless gum for dinner. Bon appetit!

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