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Thu Jul 8 17:08:27 EDT 1999

CD    CYE93000     1/90     CHESS

There is a very good reason why for years this album has been one of
the quintessential Chicago Blues albums.

It is a classic, because from start to finish every single track was a
winner - with great sidemen such as Little and Big Walters and
occasionally Muddy Waters - in fact many of these tracks were recorded
under Jimmy Roger's name when Muddy Waters recording sessions were
done - using the exact same personnel.  Also a very important point
was the sequencing of the songs.......

Track sequence (from www.cdnow.com)
1.  You're The One
0 2.  Money, Marbles And Chalk
0 3.  Luedella
0 4.  Act Like You Love Me
0 5.  Back Door Friend
0 6.  Last Time
0 7.  I Used To Have A Woman
 0 8.  Sloopy Drunk
0 9.  Blues Leave Me Alone
10.  Out On The Road
11.  Goin' Away Baby
12.  That's All Right
13.  Chicago Bound
14.  Walking By Myself

Many "complete" recordings collections are great for collectors.  But
because of the chronological sequencing of tracks these are actually
not much good for straight listening.  Yes, of course having the
master  and alternate takes next to each other is great for comparison
- but after that piece of "education" and the novelty has worn off you
are left with the same song twice albeit slightly different - or even
worse one with "problems"/mistakes.

So when

CD   CYE9372     4/97     CHESS     2 Cd Set

came out I was a little suspicious that this might not be a case of
more is better, and resisted buying this set.

However whenever I listen to Chicago Bound I am left with wanting more
- so I eventually had to succumb to the Complete Chess Recordings.

This set is a very generous offering of  51 tracks on 2 fully packed
CDs of about 75 minutes each.

I have yet to get used to the track sequencing - it is in strict
chronological order, but at least the alternate takes (also in their
chronological order) are put at the end of the second CD.

Like Muddy Waters or Howlin' Wolf's Chess recordings from their
classic periods - there just aren't any weak tracks - it is no
exaggeration to say that every track is a winner - now that is really
saying something.  No wonder Jimmy Rogers was a well respected name in
the circle of blues aficionados.

This 2 CD collection has never been cheap, and I have not seen it on
sale in the 2 years it's been out - but for the pinnacle of Chicago
blues from this understated bluesman it is worth every single penny.

Alphabetical track listing (from www.cdconnection.com):

act like you love me
act like you love me - (alternate)
back door friend
blues all day long (blues leave me alone)
can't keep from worrying
can't keep from worrying - (alternate)
chance to love
chicago bound
crying shame
don't turn me down
don't turn me down - (alternate)
don't you know my baby
don't you know my baby - (alternate)
goin' away baby
hard working man
i can't believe
i used to have a woman
if it ain't me (who are you thinking of)
last time, the
left me with a broken heart
looka here
luedella - (alternate)
mistreated baby
money, marbles, and chalk
my baby don't love me anymore - (alternate)
my baby don't love me no more
my last meal
my last meal - (alternate)
my little machine
one kiss
out on the road
rock this house
rock this house - (alternate)
she loves another man
sloppy drunk
that's all right
this has never been
this has never been - (alternate)
today, today blues
trace of you
trace of you - (alternate)
walking by myself
what have i done
what have i done - (alternate)
what's the matter?
world's in a tangle, the
you don't know
you don't know - (alternate)
you're the one
you're the one - (first version)

One thing I've noticed missing is the studio banter on some of the
tracks on "Chicago Bound" - I miss those.  So I think I'll keep
Chicago Bound when I only have that 1/2 hour to listen......



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