Swingin as aposed to stiff

Jim Wells jwells@IADFW.NET
Tue Jul 6 01:32:48 EDT 1999

   You know who was swinging tonite?  Holland K. Smith at Hash Brown's jam
at the Greenville Bar & Grill here in Dallas, Texas...  In particular, he
flat tore up the Big Joe Turner tune "Flip, Flop and Fly".

   Good stuff.  Had an alto sax and trombone player up there with him and
both of them could play, too.


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> ***For the elusive reason that most musicians have a hard time
> He swung like a mother!***
> Speaking of Swinging (or not)
> Was over in Memphis Friday night at Elvis Presely's and the band that was
> there Jumbo Jr. was extremely "Stiff" a very good band but just not
> like Butch Mudbone's band we saw down the street at the "Blues Hall" next
> the Rum Boogie.  I was trying to encourage the guys to loosen up and have
> some fun (get funky is my favorite thing to say to bands) and the slide
> player did step up and lay down some hot licks, i guess when some bands
> across the country to get to a gig like Presley's maybe they get a little
> intimidated by the venue (it is a pretty swanky place, i'm surprised they
> the likes of me in there)...or maybe they were just tired like the rythym
> player said...anyway Jr. Gumbo was a solid band and i would recommend
> to see them....maybe not at Presley's.
> Butch Mudbone "Bluesman" was a lot of fun.  Randy (the doorman) at the
> Diamond directed us over there  (darn i forgot to ask him about James
> Cotton's birthday the night before, sure he had some good stories).
> the first guy we look for when we go to Beale 'cus he be knowin' what's
> happening.

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