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Ron Weinstock
Fri Jul 2 14:26:11 EDT 1999

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>Poor guy, Green. Plays music for 30+ years and has to be judged (by some)
>on what color he is. He's getting kinda fat and losing some hair too.

Cool! White, fat and losing hair! I'm JUST LIKE PETER GREEN!!!!!

And he got a lot of popular recognition that black cats as good as him never
got. Who  was getting judged on his color.  Fleetwood mac wasw a rock group
which I know from the fact that they got played on rock stations that almost
never, ever played any black artists including people like B.B. and Muddy.
Hey if they didn't play any Muddy or BB, whatever they played on those
station  sure was not blues. This does not mean he isn't a  fine guitarist,
but  he ain't no Johnny Guitar Watson, Johnny Heartsman, Matt Murphy,  Earl
Hooker or Roy Gaines.

Ron W

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