NBC: RE: What A Former City-Councilman Thinks Of The Blues

Bill Salmon netfest@MYCROFT.MEXIA.COM
Fri Oct 30 17:43:23 EST 1998

Chuck N. posted  concerning a black station format change.

Before I got in this I checked with Don O. to make sure it was the same

Say folks, this instance has very little to do with music/public
responsibility/community radio.

As Chuck pointed out, this is about a local EX councilman in Dallas... yep
you got it.. his own district wouldn't even re-elect him... (or was he
barred from politics?)

If you are from Texas you will remember him.. when he couldn't get his way
in a council meeting, he would disrupt the entire meeting.. threatened the
lives of other council members.. ignored the wishes of his constituency to
advance his own agenda... Hey. this guy makes Al Sharpton seem like Ms.

He is upset because he doesn't have a FREE political public platform from
which to preach his politics.

So, please, let's not get into a dialogue about community service, business
responsibility to minority groups etc.

Plain and simple.. his constant diatribe lost him his seat, and was losing
the station audience share. (Arbitron pegged them at around 2000 listeners
during prime radio time out of a potential audience of around a million)

So Dallas gets to hear a little more blues music and less political/racial

Bill (BOO!!!) Salmon

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