Re-Thrill is gone

Steve Hoffman stevehoffman@EROLS.COM
Thu Oct 29 19:13:38 EST 1998

Rolf Wikström wrote:
>     On the Route 66-LP by Roy Hawkins "Why do everything happen to me",
>  "The thrill is gone" is credited to Hawkins-Taub. This was taken from the
> label
> of the 78. Taub was the pseudonym that the Biharis used. It was recorded in
> LA 1951.
> On the "Completely Well" album (the first time BB recorded it) Art Benson-
> Dale Petite
> were billed as writers.
> On Cook County Jail BB was credited for it.
> On all recordings after that one Roy Hawkins-Rick Darnell is credited

This bit of research shows how dicey (tricky) it can be to identify the
actual composer (we also have another noted bluesman, Jimmy McCracklin,
reportedly claiming credit for writing it although he is not officially
credited)! Often the name of a composer on a recording is a matter of
"politics"; ie., who was smart enough to know that songwriter credits
are the road to royalty $s and who had power or economic leverage to
claim that credit.

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