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Stephen T Davidson skdavids@EMAIL.MSN.COM
Thu Oct 29 10:48:30 EST 1998

In case you're new to the list.   Monica Kirkland,  Eddie's 16 yr old daughter was abducted, raped,
and brutally murdered a couple of month's ago.  We are STILL trying to raise enough money to relieve
Eddie of having to deal with the injustice of a huge burial bill to add to the loss of his young

I received an update today from the fund manager on the status of Monica Kirkland's burial fund.
Good intentions and promises don't pay the bills.  Quite frankly I'm embarrassed  to say that $200
was contributed by one generous Blues-l'er and the rest of us TOGETHER can't even match it.  (Not
directed at those who have contributed...)  I know blues-l'ers get hit up for a lot of causes and we
have to make choices about which causes are worth something to us but jeez,  this is his BABY he is

How many of us would be happy to buy Eddie a beer?  Would this not be more meaningful?

If you feel a kick in the *ss, The fund address is
> The Eddie Kirkland Fund
> PO Box 1219
> Highland, NY  12528

SD  ( the squeaky wheel )
personal blues footnote:  I spent the last weekend searching riverbanks and thick woods  for one of
my best friend's sister who is missing and is presummed murdered by the authorities in southern MN.
They have a suspect in her alledged murder but no body, as of today .    The world IS sick and it
needs more than a Dr.....  I wish they could blowtorch the balls off these pukes.....

 The music helps to ease the pain...thank God for musicians!!!

>From the fund manager:
>As it stands right now, we're about $275.00 from the goal of
>$2,300.00. Thanks to evryone who has contributed up to this point.
>Hopefully those dollars will come in soon, & we can all feel proud of
>the help & comfort we've been able to pass along to Eddie & his
>family. (snip)

>There is some additional good news to convey. As of last Saturday, an
>arrest was made, in Macon, of an individual who is believed to be the
>murderer of not only Monica, but perhaps a number of young women in
>the Macon area.(snip)

>In addition, next weekend Eddie will be one of a number of guest
>artists of The Rock & roll Hall of Fame. It's a tribute concert that
>will honor John Lee Hooker at Stanford University.  Eddie will be
>performing a few numbers with John Lee's "COAST TO COAST BAND", & then
>be joined in a duet with his old friend & boss John Lee Hooker.

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