Calvin Frazier (Was: Re: On this day...)

Steven Sims
Fri Oct 23 01:26:35 EDT 1998

At 12:33 AM 10/22/98 PDT, chuck n. wrote:
>Stevo wrote:
>>I guess this must be Calvin Frazier of the Frazier
>>Family from Detroit. Somewhere around the place I have a
>>CD of their LOC recordings from 1938. Best known song
>>from this would be "This Old World's In A Tangle".
>>I seem to remember reading somewhere that Calvin played
>>with RJ at some stage - or maybe my memory is getting
>>its wires crossed?
>Hmmm. Sounds like a good bet as to someone else who may be able to shed
>some light on questions regarding Johnson's playing habits. Maybe he's
>got an idea of how RJ met his demise. Seems like Dick Shurman mentioned
>that Calvin might be related to RJ...sounds like someone who could have
>known something about RJ's relatives aka litigants in reent court procedings.

I just caught up with Dick Shurman's email on this (I'm on digest
delay which can have unfortunate side-effects at times). Glad to
see I'm not *totally* senile yet!

Unfortunately Calvin can't tell us anything more as according to AMG
his allotted span was 1915-1972. But that does place him in pretty
illustrious company in the Class of 1915. Anyone know if there is a
Class of 1915 honour roll anywhere on the net?

According to the same source his recording dates were 1938 (the LOC
sides), 1951 (with T.J.Fowler), 1954. AMG has a fair if brief summary.
BTW Calvin's slide work on the 1938 recordings is hot.

Hear Cannon's Jug Stompers at the Delta Jook Joint Oct 1998

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