Hot Tamales Was: Where RJ died, and how to establish it.....

James Bardsley bardsljr@UMDNJ.EDU
Sun Oct 18 15:30:24 EDT 1998

There are actually pockets of Mexican settlements in Louisiana and I
wouldn't be suprised to find Mississippi, too. Tamales are an old
familiar food in North Louisiana: my mother-in-law tells how the man
with the tamale wagon used to cruise up and down the streets selling his
product door to door. The best tamales in the area, by the way, are from
Zwolle ( pronounced like "Golly")  where the common surnames are Ebarb,
Martinez and Rivers ( probably was Rivera, anglicized.). The Mexican
inflluence in the area is not overwhelming, but real and found in some
of the cooking, especially tamales.


Curtis Hewston wrote:

> At 11:58 PM 10/17/98 -0400, maxdog wrote:
> >I always
> >though hot tamales were Tex-Mex in origin and wonder how they
> found
> >their way into the black culture.
> Like the guitar, which is of Spanish origin, hot tamales found
> their way into the Delta and the southern U.S. from Mexico
> after the Civil War, when cheap Mexican labor was in high
> demand.
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