Where RJ died, and how to establish it.....

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Sat Oct 17 17:45:08 EDT 1998

In a message dated 98-10-17 16:09:37 EDT, Andy writes:

> If it were ascertained
>  that RJ died in a specifc location (on the plantation), the property owner
>  would have been assessed the cost of burial by both the County and
>  Boards of Health at that time... so perhaps Mr. Moore was involved in a
> little
>  maneuver to avoid the cost of RJ's burial.

This is interesting.  Also, what was the cost of a funeral back around that
time?  It seems like maybe $35 for a plain coffin and burial.  And it seems I
read that some people joined something at their churches where they paid 25
cents a week or month to go toward the burial fund.  In turn, the church would
bury them when they died.  Maybe they extended this to relatives of members of
the church if needed.

Does anyone know the church Robert Johnson's mother attended or if she did?
Many churches have records in their offices of the burials.  If the church is
gone, it's possible the papers of the church were donated to an archive.
Maybe a local museum.  Try the Latter Day Saints Family History Centers.
There's lot of regional ones.

Just because you don't find someone's name on a gravestone does not mean
they're not there.  Many are buried in unmarked graves.  Perhaps someone put a
rock to mark the spot or something that disentegrated with time.  Some of the
old gravestones were of soapstone and the writing faded....and material fell
apart on many of them as time went by.

Around 1939, there was a National Cemetary Survey done.  You could call the
archives of your state capital and ask if the cemetaries in question about
Robert Johnson were included in the survey.

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