NBC: The world is sick....call the Dr.

Jan Miller janfmiller@CSI.COM
Thu Oct 15 13:28:39 EDT 1998

Doesn't seem as though mankind/human-kind has learned much over the last
30,000 years, except better ways to kill one another and soil his own nest.
 Makes you wonder what the last blues song composed by the last bluesman
will be about......
'Woke up this mornin', my planet was gone........'????

At 10:41 PM 10/14/98 -0200, James Bardsley wrote:
>It is the fact that we have peripheral , albeit relevant, discussions like
>that makes me /know/ that blues-l is a community. Forget that I have never
>and will never meet, most of you. I know you through the medium of your
>Second, I am struck once again by the tremendous capacity for good and
evil of
>man: within the course of the summer and fall , we've seen a man
decapitated and
>dragged to death, presumably because he was black; we've seen another man
>and virtually crucified, presumably because he was gay. In a couple of
days we'll
>read of some equally intense heroic or self-sacraficial act by someone
else. I
>hope it all balances out in the scorecard of our shared humanity.
>Perhaps it is the struggle to reconcile the extremes of pain and of beauty
of the
>human experience that gives birth to the blues, I don't know.
>Dave Therault wrote:
>> Thank you to the ever compassionate Juke Welker for bringing this to the
>> Here in Colorado Springs, ( and I am editing the rest of it out in the
>> of saving bandwidth, but if you took the time to read it, you know how
>> and compassionate Dave's thoughts were.)

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