Robert Johnson movie?

Robin Bank$ rbanks@CIACCESS.COM
Mon Oct 12 18:51:10 EDT 1998

Karen Hanson wrote:

> (re. Denzel as Robert Johnson)
> That would be really bad casting. I think Washington's about 40. Johnson was
> dead at 27. Plus, from his photos, Johnson looked rather slim. Denzel is..
> um...(as we women would say)...built!

Yep, built like a BSH, and that's OKwith me! ;)

I'm curious to see who they WILL use... I think Denzel can pull off the age
difference. Just don't know about the believability of his guitar playing...
maybe they should use an actual player...

But, I don't mind the idea of looking at Denzel!

Robin (I'm married, I aint dead! : ) Bank$

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