Am I all alone here?Johnny Moore

Sean Carney
Mon Oct 12 15:06:34 EDT 1998

In a message dated 10/12/98 1:55:37 PM Eastern Daylight Time,

 << I've always wanted to hear the old
  "Oscar Moore and his Blue Blazers" recordings, but haven't been able to find
  them. >>

There's a great Charles Brown box set on Mosaic, which features plenty of
Johnny Moore.  Charles Brown's, "Snuff Dippin' Mama", on Night Train is also a
good collection of Johnny Moore's Three Blazers stuff.  I know that Capitol
also has a set called "The Cocktail Combos", which I am pretty sure features
Johnny Moore and Charles Brown.  Charles' current guitarist, Danny Carron is
no slouch, either.  I think Danny is one of the finest guitarists working
today.  Anyway, I'm just glad to see Johnny Moore's name mentioned here - he's
one of my heroes.
-Sean Carney

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