NBC: Re: Sick of Hanging and Quartering

Rick Edwards voodoochile@WEBTV.NET
Thu Oct 8 02:56:48 EDT 1998

Or Tom, you might consider not writing people nasty private hate mail.
And falsely accusing them of somehow erasing their previous posts. Maybe
you should stop playing lawyer and investigating your other blues-l
posters (and their past posts--the only reason I did a search on Tom was
because the small man accused me (falsely, as anyone can quickly confirm
with Deja News by a quick easy mail) of somehow erasing my Deja News
posts. Deja vu is a search engine. I had no idea that you could change
the results of a search engine. Even it I did, I wouldn`t spend the time
to change some post wasn`t proud of. hahhahhaa  Hell Tom. I got plenty
of blues buddies to talk with (who know I wouldn`t bother to erase any
damn previous posts). You are a silly tiny man, and I am just sorry that
I sunk to your level and did a search on you. You pompous ass.

Rick, voodoochile, bamabluesdog


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