Blues Blunders

Fred Dabney fdabney@NMSU.EDU
Mon Oct 5 15:22:43 EDT 1998

>I was listening to the new Elvin Bishop disc (The Skin I'm In on the
>Alligator label) the other day when I noticed that track #6 called "
>That Train Is Gone" is listed at 7 mins. & 56 secs. long. At the time I
>thought there was probably some extra tasty soloing riffs from Elvin on
>this track. To my surprise the song actually clocked in at about 2:56.
>Not even close!!  It's a pretty decent song too, but I wondered what
>happened?  Another time about a year ago I was reading the insert
>booklet that came with a compilation disc of various blues artists. At
>the moment I can't recall what label it was on. However the booklet had
>a short bio on many of the artists with photos. W.C. Clark was listed on
>the bio write-up, but there was a photo of William Clarke next to it.
>About 7 years ago a friend of mine dropped by with a Buckwheat Zydeco
>tape for my listening pleasure.  It was brand new, it still had the
>shrink wrap on it.  Another surprise, no Buckwheat music on the entire
>tape.  His name was on the tape & insert card with all he songs listed,
>but it wasn't zydeco music.  Instead it was some sort of rock band.  It
>was very enjoyable music, but I never did find out who the band was.  Oh
>well, this is what keeps life interesting instead of being so damn
>perfect !

My apologies to Chuck N. whose message got munged because my email program
is not consistent in how it handles embedded quotes.

Fred D.

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