James Bardsley bardsljr@UMDNJ.EDU
Sun Oct 4 10:26:46 EDT 1998

The relationship between drug screening and DNA testing is putative: that is, it
isn't there yet. Refuse to submit to DNA testing if that's the situation. Choose
your battles.

Re: DNA testing: state and federal statutes are moving in the direction of
prohibiting large insurance carriers and HMOs from discriminating on the basis of
preexisting conditions, much less genetic procilivities. I wouldn't worry about it
for the pressent.


Delta Doc Roger wrote:

> A rhetorical situation:
> You are out of work for 6 months.  YOu can cruise yet for quite a while,
> but you'd like the security of having cash flow.
> You've had 5-6 jobs in the last 26 years.
> You're asked to submit to a "pre-placement drug urine screen".
> 1.      You ARE completely clean except for some remnants of Cabernet Savaignon
> (sic).
> 2.      You firmly believe that urine testing is just the first step to DNA
> testing to weed out those who might develop costly sickness.
> 3.      Do you compromise your values and beliefs and submit?
> 4.      Or,  do you refuse in alignment with your beliefs that corporate amerika
> is just that, becoming amerika, instead of America?
> Just looking to see how my friends (and I sure found out recently how many
> friends i REALLY do have on Blues-l).
> BTW, I also found out that a LOT of friends that I thought I had on Blues-L
> didn't appear to give a crap about ol doc's recent plunge into the depths
> of darkness of the soul.
> Thanks in advance for your thoughts!
> love to you all friends and everyone else too,
> ddr

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