Guitar / harp duo in 1929 Bessie Smith film?

Scott D scotd@FLASH.NET
Sat Oct 3 11:00:44 EDT 1998

I'm re-posting this because it was buried in a post under an unrelated
subject heading and didn't get any responses.

Has anyone ever seen the Bessie Smith short film "St. Louis Blues" from
1929?  Certainly one of the earliest filmed examples of the blues, although
not really Delta blues per se.  But there's a very interesting scene near
the very beginning.  Bessie Smith comes home to her apartment (actually,
just a room in what appears to be a boarding house), and in the hallway near
the stairwell are a bunch of guys including her man who are gambling.
Providing music for the gamblers are an acoustic guitarist and a harmonica
player playing a lively blues number. These guys seem to be much more
closely connected to the Delta than Smith was musically.  Does anyone have
any idea who *they* were?  Neither of them is seen very closely or for very
long - no more than a minute or so total.  But the harp player looks like a
young Sonny Boy :)


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