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Terry Montgomery cupojava1@HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Oct 1 13:07:52 EDT 1998

Thu, 1 Oct 1998 10:16:22 -0400 Ian Angus wrote
>This morning I got 74 blues-l messages. As always,
>some good, some not-so-good, some I was interested
>in, some not.
>But 14 of them were from one person -- that's 19%
>of the total.
>That's bad enough -- to post that many shows a serious
>lack of respect for the group. It's just bad manners.
>Even worse -- all 14 message were a waste of bandwidth.
>They were either replies that were incomprehensible because
>they didn't quote the original, or polemics which repeated
>points this individual has made many times before.
>Life is too short. The filter is set. I will not see
>any more messages from that person.

I have been on the verge myself. I know of whom you speak and although
he and I actually hit it off earlier, his posts have begun to annoy even
me. I haven't filtered him yet, but If he doesn't start posting
correctly, I will. He has a lot to say but he needs to start saying
something new. I think everybody knows how he feels by now and if they
are like me, they are starting not to care. He is not hgelping his cause
at all. On the contrary (IMO) he is doing just the opposite.

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