Sonny Terry Proteges

Andy Allu
Tue Jun 30 22:20:35 EDT 1998

The two gentlemen that have recently performed and recorded with Son Lewis
were both students of Sonny Terry (Jerry Fierro and Bob "Hoochie Coochie"
Paolucci).  Paolucci also performed for a number of years with Son Seals and
Louisanna Red.

While a major focus of their recorded work with Son is in the electric world,
both have been known to "whoop" up a storm in the Sonny Terry style as is
evidenced by Jerry Fierro's performance on Whoopin Mojo on Son Lewis' Roadwork
LP (LPC 2003) which was released in 1991 (recorded live at the Boarderline
Coffeehouse in Rockland County NY).  Both can be heard on the CD Next Train
Smokin' by Son Lewis.


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