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Marguerita Lopez tanner@CTS.COM
Tue Jun 30 21:31:05 EDT 1998

Can't Ocky get an internet restraining order requiring Edwards to stay at
least 3 newgroups away?  Can we as a newsgroup have Mr. Edwards temporarily
committed for observation?  I'm not very proficient at reading material
from computers, but it seemed to me, after following Mr. E's instructions,
that It was indeed Ocky's inimitable style,... jivin' the cat who signed
ahead of him as Dauer (please note correct spelling).  Whatever, as
Seinfeld might say,"Anthony Dauer being Ocky Milkman, is obviously not
Edwards' biggest problem."  I remain anxious to learn what has corresponded
between Edwards and Dauer, Ocky's stated arch enemy, over the Internet?
Has Dauer gone into hiding.  Does anyone really give a shit about any of
this?  Are Rocky and Bullwinkle involved?  Boris Batinov?  Natasha?  Daffy

Gary Rex Tanner

> From: Tom Freeland <

> Date: Tuesday, June 30, 1998 6:15 PM
> On 30 Jun 98 at 19:01, Rick Edwards wrote:
> >   Isn`t it deliciously ironic, and such poetic justice, that Ocky`s
> > writing style on his homepages would be what would serve to expose
> > him and his list terrorism? That his inflammatory and twisted and
> <snip>
> > impression of the list and of blues fans. And maybe some of the nice
> > readers who left the list because of the hateful and baiting posts,
> > will return to discuss the music that they love, in peace.
> isn't about blues and it isn't about blues-l, even.  Words (no matter
> This is a very important point.  Phrases like "list terrorism" are
> the worst sort of lie, particularly when they refer to Ocky's
> behavior on blues-l:  All that I have ever seen Ocky do on this list
> is *speak*.  You, Rick Edwards, if you only had the intelligence and
> knowledge, could respond to anything Ocky has to say completely and
> fully with *WORDS*.  You can't answer "a terrorist" with similar
> tactics-- terrorists use things like bombs on people who can't
> respond in kind.  You could (theoritically, given the ability and the
> will) respond to Ocky fully and completely, all within the purpose of
> this list.  Tell him how he's wrong, Rick.  Even try to rise above it
> by responding to the content of his speech and not the name-calling.
> Your posts last week--with the nearly express threats and promises
> that you knew where Ocky was-- came a lot closer to terrorism, with
> their threat that Ocky would suffer consequences not limited to this
> list and speech if he had the temerity to keep saying things that
> confuse your troubled mind.
> Tom Freeland

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