Johnny Cash and R&R HOF (was Re: LBC? Elvis and the Country HOF

Mike Curtis ironman@MOONLINK.NET
Tue Jun 30 17:53:21 EDT 1998

chuck nevitt wrote:
> Johnny Cash is in the Rock & Roll Hall of fame? Damn--and
> I thought the blues was ill-defined!
> Refresh my memory someone....exactly what were Johnny's biggest ROCK
> hits? (and don't tell me A Boy Named Sue")

Ring Of Fire, I Walk the Line, etc., were all big sellers on the rock
and roll charts, to the rock and roll fans.  Ricky Nelson had some chart
toppers on the Billboard R&B charts.  In both cases, fans of these
respective genres were buying the records.  I don't expect Nelson to be
inducted into the R&B HOF any time soon.

Also, while Elvis was a much bigger star, it doesn't surprise me one bit
that Cash was first.  IMHO Cash is more "rock" than Elvis was "country".

By TODAY's standards, Elvis would be country, but back then, he was
definitely rock and roll - just as many (most?) of todays CW artists
would have been.

One surprising omission from the R&R HOF is Patsy Kline.  I'm sure
she'll make it eventually, though.

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