acoustic blues

Karen Hanson
Tue Jun 30 00:52:07 EDT 1998

In a message dated 6/29/98 8:26:29 PM, you wrote:

>> >Lynn asked:
>> >I'm looking for acoustic blues performed by a new generation of
>To name a few living, active preformers:
>Corey Harris
>Alvin Youngblood Hart
>Paul Rishell & Annie Raines
>Little Pink Anderson
>Cephas & Wiggins
>Michael Roach
>The Resonators :)
>Ben Andrews
>Franklin & Harpe
>John Jackson
>Warner Williams
>Scott Ainslie
>Kenny Sultan & Tom Ball

Btw, I saw that Alvin Youngblood Hart has a new CD out. Anyone heard it?

Also..... for all you acoustic lovers... I'm pretty excited over this...
Evidence has reissued a number of recordings made by L & R Records (mostly
recorded by Alex Kustner), including Big Joe Williams, Cephas & Wiggins, Frank
Frost and James "Son" Thomas (I believe much of this CD was previously
released on the Japanese P-Vine label--with the liner notes in Japanese, which
is very frustrating) Well, the world simply cannot have too much Son Thomas...


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