Blues/rockabilly/bigband on TV the other night?

chuck nevitt ribtips@HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Jun 29 22:54:19 EDT 1998

I hope I don't get body slammed for this but when I saw
this band a couple of years ago in Dallas Brian Setzer was
MORE than adequate (so was the rythm section) but when it
came to the rest of the "orchestra" well, they sounded as
stiff as orchestra! Yes they did have some moves! BUT they were
so contrived from JUMP STREET that it was hard for me to get past the
gags. They weren't helping I thought when it came to really
*Swingin they
didn't get close to anything I've heard by Count Basie's
orch. (of course no one does). Wrong I may be--but that's the yardstick
that I measure "the swing factor" by.

Now don't get me wrong...Brian and the band know what they're doing.
Someone said it was theatre--it is--and only a fool-hearted person would
fail to realize that's what MOST of the audience is there for: to be
entertained. If that requires blowing smoke rings in unison rather that
a riff--so be it! It's nothing new...I was recently talking to Curley
Mayes in San Antone about his gimmick.
It seems that in the early 60's someone (I can't recall who) told him to
get a gimmick if he wanted to make it. Taking this advice to heart he
thought on it for a couple of days till he came upon the perfect thing:
PLAYING GUITAR W/ HIS FEET!! <how bout a cd called toe-jam blues>

He sent me a video (which my machine promptly ate) of him playing THE
BLUES with his feet. He had extremely long toes that he'd be fretting
with--and he has a LARGE pick (about the size of a potato chip) that he
holds between his toes and picks the hell out of some blues! Yep...the
crowd went nuts! His regular stuff reminded me of Robert Ward quite a
bit (which is a goog thing).

Hey...wasn't I talking about Brian Setzers band. Oh yea--
despite the band clowning around a bit I would go see 'em again anytime
because you just don't get to see a band that large playing this style
music anymore.PERIOD.

chuck n.

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