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Just wanted to add a comment to my favorite "Key to the Highway" it's also the Junior Wells version but especially because it has such beautiful guitar solos by Sammy Lawhorn.  To me it was Sammy that made that version so wonderful.
Gloria Pierce

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At 09:54 AM 6/29/98  Leonard Watkins said,
>Listening to Freddie King doing "Key To The Hiway" this am I'd like to know
>some of yall's favorite versions of oft' covered tunes
>K...Hiway               - Little Walter

My favorite Key To The Highway is Junior Wells'

>Ain't Nobody's Bidness  - Otis Spann

My favorite Ain't Nobody's Business is Jimmy Witherspoon's

>Sweet Home Chicago      - Robert Lockwood

My favorite Sweet Home Chicago is Buddy Guy's

>BTW: After 20 + plaus years of sucking cigarettes (1 1/2 to 2 packs a day)
>I have't touched one in nine days and I don't want one. I'm just NOT going to
>do it.....Kicked the shit out of nicotine !!!

Congrats, I understand completely.

On May 11th 1990 at 6:35 AM I smoked my last cigarette.  The day before I
had smoked 4 packs.
Of course I weighed ONE hundred and sixty pounds then.  Now my weight still
ENDS in the words "hundred and sixty."  It just starts different.

But I DID kick the shit out of nicotine (and I started performing again for
the first time since 1978).  Everything has it's cost.

P.W. Fenton
Tampa, Florida


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