Blues in all its forms (was Re: imitation blues) (long)

Fred Dabney fdabney@NMSU.EDU
Mon Jun 29 14:10:39 EDT 1998

>And if you were Thai, maybe you would have found it was not done
>exactly the way it should be done. And therefore, even if it is
>good enough for most people, you will not appreciate it as much.

In my racket, I often find my colleagues are far too critical of things not
of substance but more of form- little technical matters that "violate"
standard practices.  Many of these things would not only go un-noticed by
most, but be of no importance if they were.  My line for this is that we
know too much- we spend far more time worrying about the package than the

This may also be a problem here.  Many folks here know more about music than
any twenty-five fans combined and will be bothered by things few others
would care to know.

A viewpoint...

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