Blues/rockabilly/bigband on TV the other night?

Ryan Hartt
Mon Jun 29 13:29:39 EDT 1998

In a message dated 98-06-29 13:10:18 EDT Riffin Rick writes:

<<  I caught a great performance of the Brian Setzer Orchestra in
 > Las Vegas. :-) Man, o, maneshewitz, can that little bugger play the shit
 > of that big ol' Gretsch, and his big band is to die for.  I've never seen
 > him live in-person, something I'm dying to do, but I feel like I was there
 > in this great TV performance.  >>
 I saw Brian Setzer in the Sunset Tower Records parking lot thurs. I 've been
a fan of his since the first BSO album but had never seen him live. He was
excellent. He played for about half an hour and played new stuff old stuff and
in between stuff. His new record is excellent. The BSO has a really unique
sound. Setzers created something that has never been done before. It's not
rockabilly, it's not neo-swing, It's not jazz, but it is a great synthesis of
all three. He's going to be on tour all summer I highly reccommend catching
him. A great band with great musicianshipo and a little showmanship to boot
(during a trombone soli the trumpet players simultaneously took off their
jackets and threw them to the ground, it was pretty funny) And fantastic
guitar playing.
Ryan Hartt

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