Offensive lyrics question

Mon Jun 29 12:28:12 EDT 1998

BTW, why is everybody using the prefix NBC on this topic? It sure as heck
is Blues Content, if there ever was.

Admittedly, my performance repertoire doesn't have too much in the way of
nasty lyrical content, although there is some that polite society today
would consider rude or offensive. But ya know what, that's the way it goes.
I sing 'em as they were written, and I have no compunction about playing
CDs like that for my parents or blues newbies either. If there's raised
eyebrows about it, you can simply explain hey, these songs were written
in different times, by people who lived often tough lives.  No one has
ever given me any grief.  In fact, most people seem to appreciate not
being given a politically correct, watered down version.  Blues is songs
about life and living. Some of it's not pretty.

I also think that some of the really harsh lyrics like woman-beating,
shooting, etc, were kinda tongue in cheek, even back then.

My $.02

Riffin Rick

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