Blues in all its forms (was Re: imitation blues) (long)

chuck nevitt ribtips@HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Jun 29 06:57:11 EDT 1998

Vincent wrote:
<<And if you were Thai, maybe you would have found it was not done
exactly the way it should be done. And therefore, even if it is good
enough for most people, you will not appreciate it as much.>>

Shouldn't we say "might not" appreciate it as much. There
could be some Thai folks who appreciate the differences just as well.

In Texas I have ran across many green-card carrying Mexican immgrants
who like Tex-Mex food even more than
traditional Mexican fare. I used to work with several of them on oil
rigs and we would eat together and the subject
would come up and they all wanted Tex-Mex (said it was spicier than what
they ate back home). I don't know how they would feel about Cal-Mex or
New Mex-Mex...

There was a couple who said that had eaten so much Mexican food that
they were burnt out on it all together!

food for thought...
chuck n.

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