Acoustic Blues/Johnny Long

Ryan Hartt
Mon Jun 29 03:16:32 EDT 1998

BluesGeek writes

<<Johhny Long, in Denver, is a young (in his 40s) guitarist, harper, singer,
accoustic artist who was brought up by Homesick. He has self-recorded a
cassette and has no publising other than that. He is haunting, possessed. The
first time I heard him I got the impression that he has a few ancestors along
for the ride, helping him deliver the goods.

-Dave Therault>>

My friend Fred Kaplan, of Blue Collar Music,  played a tape of Johnny Long for
me the other day. This guy blew me away. It made me feel like I did the first
time I heard country blues. No matter who you are or what your musical tatses
are the first time you hear Robert Johnson or Son House your ears sort of
prick up for a second or two. I urged Fred to release it. I'm not big on
country blues but I really dug Johnny Long.
Ryan Hartt

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