Johnny Long (was: Re: acoustic blues)

Dave Therault
Mon Jun 29 01:50:17 EDT 1998

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>Lynn asked:
>I'm looking for acoustic blues performed by a new generation of performers...
>I'm aware of Alvin Youngblood Hart, Corey Harris, & Philadelphia Jerry
>Ricks... I would even include Kelly Joe Phelps and Chris Whitley (kinda) in
>this category.
>I know that there has to be more...Any suggestions?

Johhny Long, in Denver, is a young (in his 40s) guitarist, harper, singer,
accoustic artist who was brought up by Homesick. He has self-recorded a
cassette and has no publising other than that. He is haunting, possessed. The
first time I heard him I got the impression that he has a few ancestors along
for the ride, helping him deliver the goods. If anyone's been to the
crossroads recently, it's Johnny. He is able to put any audience in a trance
and hold them for 6 hours. Interestingly, his blues has a contemporary
southwest country feel that is unique among all artists I've heard.

Without getting into his personal life, he's also a great man, who's spent a
lot of time working the soup kitchen and otherwise devoting himself as a
caregiver. Possessed angels, I suppose.

-Dave Therault

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